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"The difference between a Republic and a People’s Republic is a lot like the difference between a jacket and a straightjacket"
— Ronald Reagan

The mainland People's Republic of China is a Communist Straight Jacket. Chinese Communism MUST and WILL fall. The FREE Republic Of China will strip off the Communist straight jacket and restore FREEDOM to the mainland Chinese people.

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Participate in the "Social Score" of the "People's Republic, Communist China". Consequences for Communist China’s poor Social Score:

More than 50% Yes: Revoke Communist China’s Most Favored Nation trade status with the United States.

More than 75% Yes: Remove Communist China’s Permanent Seat at the United Nation’s Security Council and Reinstall The Republic of China to that seat (who originally had that U.N. seat and should have it now).

More than 90% Yes: Replace Communism on mainland China with Representative government and individual freedoms enshrined in a brand new Constitution just like The Republic of China's Constitution.

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Should mainland China be Freed from Communism?



Yes (2138)

No (104)

This is What Individual Freedom Can Yield: